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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

You Are More Than Your Disappointments

Living our preferred lives does not mean we are always in a forward or upward momentum, sometimes we fall back or fall behind. We sometimes lose the initial motivation, possibly due to some setbacks or disappointments.

Do not lose faith, this too is part of our journey. A journey towards a goal we are passionate about without any major disappointments may mean we are still at the beginning or we are not really living our preferred lives, but playing it safe or living someone else’s. You are the creator of your destiny. Don’t let your desire to get to the end or acheive a certain outcome consume you. Use your perception of how you envisioned yourself at this stage of your life to inspire you, not drain you. There is energy in this setback to be used for our benefit. It may mean the Divine believes you are ready for the next phase of your growth, or it could be you are going through a shedding precess of letting go of your comfort zone which may mean a change in relationship with a significant other, a shifting in your mindset or ways of thinking, such as a particular philosophy or belief. Sacrifices are part of the journey of living your preferred lives. We cannot take everything with us into deeper phases of our growth.

What ever it is, you are being challenged to be mindful of any energy of arrogance, unrealistic expectations or even judgment against yourself or others. This is a time to deepen your connection with the Divine and yourself as you seek the support needed to see you through this period. This is a good time to seek a guide to help you through. Unfortunately, this experience can cause us to linger and even wallow in the energy of negative emotions, such as depression, rage or fury. Those emotional energies are meant to destroy who we perceived to be a threat, yes, even ourselves.

As tempting as it will be seek answers, this may not be the time to ask, “Why?” Rather, take a step back as you recognize the emotions that are being triggered. You are not your emotions. They are triggered, not by the setback itself, but by your are perception of what’s taking place and the beliefs that are guiding your perception. Therein lies your actual threat, not the event, but your beliefs that shaping how you are expericing whats happening.

We will continue this discussion later in the week. Stay the course, take care of you. Don’t allow those negative emotions to consume you. You are more than all your disappointmentsupport put together, yes, even if it doesn’t feel that way. One Love my Idrens.

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