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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Why the Backlash on Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Commercial?

The backlash on Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” commercial is hitting a nerve for many people, men in particular. Most of the men who disagree with the message are possibly reacting similarly to how many White folks did to the ending of slavery. It was and unfortunately still is a rude awakening when many have to deal with the shift of Black folks awakening from both physical and especially mental slavery, and choosing to walk boldly in our freedom.

Fear of Guilt

To admit, as men that we are that man or those men (the toxicity of traditional patriarchal masculinity), is to admit we are responsible for this global systemic cruel and dehumanizing behavior that has gone on since almost the beginning of time. We, as men who either engaged in, participated with, benefited from or who have been groomed by this toxic and insecure mindset, must accept we contributed to this debilitation of the feminine and healthy masculine energies.

The Rules Have Changed

The rules have changed for those of us who started the game thinking it was cool to hand-check a Sister (or Brother). Now, the rules changed on us while we were leading in the game. “Not fair!” some cry out. For an identity attached to the former rules, this can be a bit much to accept all of a sudden. This new awakening of women coming into and walking boldly in their truth, is an awakening that has never taken place in history, not at this magnitude. The thing is, it appears to coincide with an awakening of the collective consciousness of humanity around the world. We also are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, seeking truth for ourselves, rather than merely through a religious or political leader. This has lead to an awakening of how we relate with one another and with all of creation.

A Stirring Up of a Threat

Let’s be mindful, however…there is also a stirring up of threatening energies at play. Energies that prefer the status quo…, well, at least, that’s my perspective. Live free, walk true and be you.

I would like to give a shout out to Krista Tippett of On Being podcast, for a recent discussion last month with Rebecca Traister and Avi Klein. The had a discussion entitled: #MeToo Through a Solutions Lens.

The Power of Men Podcast

Also, look out for my new up and coming podcast, The Power of Men: where we focus on supporting men (and boys) in caring for their mental health and well-being. This will be a safe and trusting space for men and the women and children who love them, to talk about sensitive issues and difficult emotions.

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