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Third Anchor of Psychological Ownership: Seat of Authority

The Seat of Authority

The Third Anchor of Psychological Ownership is the most significant of the four anchors. It has two parts. The first states that our emotions should never sit in the Seat of Authority, meaning we should not allow our emotions to dictate how we make decisions and live our lives. The Seat of Authority (SOA) is the position where:

  1. narratives or stories about life and who we think we are, are created (and recreated),

  2. decisions are made in how we problem-solve and cope with challenges in life

  3. the energy that sits here regulates how our use our resources and

  4. determines how we live our lives, represent our character and build our legacy.

The second part of this anchor indicates that while our emotions should never sit in the SOA, they are reactionary to the energy that sits in the Seat of Authority. This is because of what I indicated as the second anchor and in the first bullet above. The energy in the seat, is the one that either establishes or creates the narratives of what is truth. This includes how we see and experience life, who we think we are, how we see others and who God is or even if God exists. The 2 energies are:

  1. Our Ego or False Self

  2. Our Authentic or Spirit (True) Self

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Only one of these energies was designed to occupy this seat of responsibility. The other was meant to serve. Guess which one should never be allowed to sit in the Seat of Authority? You got it! The ego is not innately bad or evil. It is connected to our souls and is designed to protect the soul, under the spirit’s guidance. Our ego is intended to support our souls and our souls are designed to submit to our spirit selves, which is the space where God communes with us. Our inherent self-worth is the essence of our spirits, which we are all born with intact and whole. The union of our soul and spirit is what makes us fully human. The ego sits in the Seat of Authority when the soul and spirit are out of alignment. It is the soul’s responsibility to see to it that the realignment takes place and for the spirit to sit in that Seat.

Alternative Understanding of the Ego

Until this takes place, the soul operates from a space of insecurity, feeling unworthy or not being good enough. The ego receives signals from the soul about this insecurity and gets permission from the soul to do what it can to help the soul feel more secure. It mainly does so by focusing on helping the soul to feel valuable or worthy based on external presentations, such as concentrating on what we have, including our accomplishments, who we know, and how good we are compared to others. It also uses how we feel based on these presentations to determine a level of worthiness. Asa result of not living out of our true worth, the primary judges to place value on our worthiness based on our external presentations, are other people–especially those who determine to be important to us.

The ego defends the soul against any perceived threats to these tangible symbols of worthiness. One of its mottos, looking or feeling good is better than being good. When our emotions are in the SOA, it’s because our ego is the one at the helm. Attempting to lead from a constant state of insecurity will eventually lead to instability, frustration and a lack of growth. So, as you can now see, having an entity that determines our humanity’s sense of worthiness based on other people’s opinions or on tangible goods, is not fit to be in the position of authority.

The Authentic or Spirit Self

Our authentic self is also known as our spirit, true, best or sacred selves. It is the unique imprint or DNA of the Divine in each of us. No one has the same imprint, yet each impression represents the fullness of God. It is within our authentic selves we “hear” and come to know God. It is there we learn to be in tune with Wisdom and learn how to Love Unconditionally. When our souls realign with our spirits, we are better able to see the good (and God) in each human being. This can happen irrespective his or her past or how we are treated be him or her. When we are living authentically, we are able to love others and not allow them, even if ego driven, to negatively affect us. It is when our spirits are operating from the Seat of Authority, we can love others and not disrespect ourselves while doing so.

Our primary responsibility, when living authentically is first, to take care of our sacred selves. With this responsibility there are two primary objectives that help maintain the integrity of this responsibility:

  1. We are to always try our best to honor the sacredness of who we are, no matter what we are going through.

  2. To never allow negativity to roam in our sacred space for too long, whether from others or from ourselves.

The Two Primary Objectives

The first of the two primary objectives is related to the fourth anchor, which we will present later. To live authentically is not an act of weakness at all, as some may think. IT is a beautiful occurrence to experience people who do so consistently, especially while in a weakened state and faced with temptations. They are some of the most humble, courageous, bold, self and other loving, and peaceful people you will meet. They are the ones you sense an aura of peace when in their space. They use their gifts, talents, knowledge and time for healing, building and revealing the oneness of our diversity and togetherness. Such individuals are by no means perfect, which is what makes them so amazing. They recognize the power and responsibility of siting in the Seat of Authority. From humility, faith, determination and love they faithfully serve the God of Love through self and others. When we are true to our spirits, we are not afraid of correction, failure, other people’s perspectives nor the unknown or uncertainty. We trust the God of our Being. We trust, once we are operating in alignment with how we are designed, every situation is now meant to serve us.

How are you living? Who’s running your programming?  What energy is sitting in your Seat of Authority?

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