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The 2nd Anchor of Psychological Ownership-Emotions

Today is a great day. The question is, will we allow ourselves to align with it? Or will we resist it by allowing our emotions, negative attitudes or our interaction with the negative energy of others to distract our consume us?

This week’s focus will be on the 2nd Anchor⚓ of Psychological Ownership. The 1st Anchor stated that we are responsible for our thoughts (perception, beliefs), emotions or emotional stability, our attitudes and our behavior. If we allow others to control these personal elements, we give them power over us.

The Second Anchor:

Our emotions are actually the reactions to how our narratives or stories either align or conflict with reality. When you get this, you will be able to take back the power and energy you give to others, your past and even the anxiety about the future or the unknown.

Let me explain we what I mean when I mentioned narrative or sorry. To better organize how we understand things, we put them in order through narratives or stories. They are our way of attempting to organize the world around us, how people and things should be (at least according to other perception), who we are and how we fit in with the world we created in our heads. I say created in our heads because it is the way we try to understand reality through our perception. However, just because we perceive or think something to be true doesn’t make true. We’re could be wrong– no matter how passionate we may be about a belief, that does not make it true. So the story we come up with about what is real, could actually be false, at least partially.

If our story lines up with reality,  we tend to experience emotions that are peaceful and calming.  If our story conflicts with reality,  it means what we think should be happening or what we prefer to be happening is not what’s actually happening. When we have difficulty accept this reality and attempting to mentally find ways to change reality with what we want, this causes friction in our minds. This friction is what creates uncomfortable emotions,  i.e., irritation, frustration, anxiety, sadness, depression, anger and even rage.

So, if you are experiencing any emotional discomfort, take a step back and identify what is happening in reality, then take a look at what you thought should be happening or would prefer to be happening. There you will find the source of your discomfort. The intensity of the discomfort depends on how passionate or attached you are to your preference or what you believe should be happening. The more our resistance we have with accepting reality as it is, the more “pain” or other negative energy draining feelings we will experience.

Your Challenge

Your assignment for your personal growth and wellbeing this week, is to observe your thoughts, emotions and attitudes during the next few days. Take notice of how you are participating in the frustration or other emotional discomfort you experience. If you don’t own the responsibility to your participation in your discomfort, but blame others for all of it, the situation will not change and the distress you are experiencing will continue to show up in various ways. Please comment below and let me know how it goes for you.

This information will be in the book I am working on., so your feedback will be very helpful.

Thank you and have a blessed day. Remember, it is up to you to take ownership of the responsibility of your life or your wellbeing.

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