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Warren Mitchell, LCSW, has over 30 years of experience working with youth, families, and adults who are emotionally and spiritually-distressed.  
Warren is the CEO at his private practice, Journey of Self Discovery, LLC.  in Decatur, GA, where he provides services as a Clinical Therapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and Clinical Supervisor.


Warren’s unique approach to serving his clients is based on the premise that each person is born with greatness in who they are, no matter what life circumstances she or he came from or is currently in. He believes no negative experience can destroy the worth of a human being.  His goal is to provide support to people that help get to the root of unhealthy cognitive and behavior patterns, that keep them in toxic or dysfunctional situations.


Warren received his BA in Psychology from the Franciscan University and earned his Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. Warren has developed a model that supports people, groups, and businesses to operate authentically during difficult or painful circumstances and to take ownership of their lives and wellbeing.


His support is both insight and action-oriented. His clients feel more confident to live their best lives without fear of past issues holding them back. This is due to their healing, newfound wisdom, and newly acquired problem-solving skills. They learn to see obstacles as aids, to support them in improving their lives and achieving their goals.

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