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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love will require of us at times to be vulnerable when we don’t trust, to be honest with ourselves when a little white lie may make us look good or allow us to escape being embarrassed, to speak the truth when it may cause pain to those we care about, to surrender when logic says to hold on tighter, to be accountable when no one else is–no matter the consequences; if not done privately, then it will done in public.

Unconditional loving will challenge us to reveal our imperfections with the possibility of being judged, to care when we may not be appreciated, to forgive when the offender is not deserving, to walk with dignity when when we feel shameful, to be authentic when it’s not popular and while others are wearing masks; to be with and around others when we prefer to be left alone and to be Self-ish when others may need us.

Unconditional Love is not of human origin, it is the very Essence of the Divine. It is not possible to only be the giver of this Life Generating & Purifying Power, we must be open to receiving it as well. It is the Substance we are made of and it is the Healer of broken and wounded bodies, souls and spirits. Conditional loving, on the other hand, is an imitation of this Power. It comforts us as the giver because it keeps us in control. When we are a longtime recipient of this love, it forces us to seek to be better than others, always be on top and to identify our worth with how well we are doing or feeling. My Sisters and Brother, Queens and Kings, if you are ready to love, really love be ready for a journey of exploration, being exposed, discomfort, purging, healing, discovery, freedom, evolution and a journey of being One with the Divine. To choose not to embark on this journey, means we are living a lie. Peace be your journey.

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