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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Divide and Conquer Fear

There’s so much dissension among a species that is supposed to be so highly intelligent. Many have realized, it is through love we can live in harmony with each other. But we don’t trust it, so we create a love we can control, a love conditional rather than unconditional. There are those of us who have taken the route of religion in an attempt to express unconditional love, identifying it with a Deity. Unfortunately, the virus that leads to dissension has infiltrated this arena, and sometimes even more intense. We have another sect of humanity that chooses to not identify with religion. Among those there many who distance themselves from any type of Deity due to the confusion and bickering among those who claim to believe. Still there are those who will only use science and numbers as their guiding force. Within the cracks of all of these are those who just want to be left the hell alone. This virus is killing us as a species and through us, Mother Earth as well.

What is this deadly virus? When we look at what remains in its wake, we clearly see a means to divide and conquer. It uses both commonalities and diversity to cause division and chaos. Where there is an effort to organize attempting to eradicate this virus, it intensifies its activities. We are learning it operates similar to cells serve a living organism. This virus sends out agents to operate to reap the energy of living cells. Its agents are masked, but its DNA is in each agent. This virus divides in order to conquer and shows no partiality. It travels as generational curses, claiming the lives of people from all races, cultural background, intelligence, gender, sexual orientation and those of varying religious or spiritual beliefs. This deadly virus is called fear.

Yes, it is fear which metastases into hate. It is fear that fuels us to believe, based on our association with a particular group, that we are better or more worthy than another. It is fear which leads us to choose certain careers or life partners or even how we raise our kids. Unfortunately, child-rearing is the most powerful cultivating system fear uses to multiply and pollinate its seeds from one generation to the next. Fear is conceived within the womb of our beliefs. From there, it grows into a false perceived identity,  which uses the energy of our ego to travel to and through our various interactions with ourselves, each other and life itself. You may have inherited the virus by accident through your family’s psychological bloodline, by how you were raised. If it goes unchecked and not treated, you are most likely passing it on to your kids.  Fear also hides behind the act of doing good.

It is only Unconditional Love, a living organism Itself, can completely eradicate the cancer of fear. It is the chemo that does not destroy the living, only the dead. Fear is an illusion. What gives it life is our belief that we or another is not deserving or worthy of Unconditional Love. This feeds the reaping virus. When we don’t trust Unconditional Love, we create a love based on conditions we can control, a love open to the bacteria of neglect, abuse and abandonment of self and loved ones.  Do not allow this menace to continue divide and conquer you, your family, your career nor your belief of a Higher Power. A Power of Love from which and in Whom we are all One. Give this Love a try, forgive yourself and those who have harmed you. Unconditional Love is not to be controlled. Accept it and rest in its security. Allow it to govern, guard and guide you on your journey of being. In spite of your history, of what has been done to you or what you may have done, my Queen and my fellow King, you are worthy of Love. You are made of Excellence, you are powerful, you are significant and you are enough. Selah.

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