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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Transforming Pain into Powerful Opportunities

There are many difficult and even painful experiences we encounter as we live our lives, but through the struggle it is possible to transform the pain into powerful opportunities. We must endure through our mistakes, shortcomings and insecurities to build the stamina needed to persevere, not only for ourselves, but for others who are weary on the journey as well. We must continue to interact with those whose imperfections have become obstacles and use them as preparation for dealing the unexpected, “life happened” moments. We must fail in order to take on the spirit of humility that will guard our minds from the egoic energy that seeks opportunities to elevate itself at expense of others’ failures.

We are disappointed by the let down of others, that we may recognize our unrealistic expectations of mere mortals to do what only the Divine Essence can. When we suffer the loss, desiring things to remain, it reveals to us how much we resist the opportunity for growth, so we can then to break free from the long-term incarceration behind the bars of illusion of control that we can actually change the past. Many of us find ourselves on paths of the road less traveled, the slow boat to our destination, not because we are called to suffer. On the contrary, we are on this path to unveil the Warrior of the Lion or Lioness we are, and to give honor to the Great One.

There are those of us who weren’t born into wealth and resources that would make life so much easier. This, not merely because of unjust systems created to keep us down or because of parents who didn’t give us what we needed to thrive. No, we are with the experiences we have in order to create resources where there’s lack, to be a voice for the voiceless and stand for and change the corruption of systems and beliefs. Through our resilience and grit we demonstrate the power of love and forgiveness that not only heal past wounds, but engage with life from an empowering spirit that recycles the energy of pain, suffering and abuse and transform them into the sweet tastes of the fruits of wisdom, passion, purpose and creativity…each expressing, we are all children of a Living, Loving and Awesome God! It’s your choice how you choose to see your past and current circumstances. So tell me, what are your struggles saying to you?

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