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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Shower of Love

I wish to bathe in a Shower of Love that welcomes me as I am, with all my filth. I seek a Love that cools me when I’m heated, and warms my being when cold, from the inside out. My desire is to be bathed in a Shower of Love that says, “Just because I accept as you are, doesn’t meant I won’t challenge you to be all of who you are.”

This Love inspires me to participate in the process of my cleansing and unfolding, from my mess to my best. Within the covering of this Rain Shower I am encouraged to wash and scrub away the dirt from my past. This Shower of Love empowers me to rince off any residue that shows up during my struggles. It is there my egoic thinking, emotions and attitudes seek to dictate how I behave. Within this Rain Shower I learn that I am not my past, nor my mistakes, nor my accomplishments. I long for this Shower that helps me return to Eden where I can walk in the fullness of who I am, facing temptations and no matter how foul my circumstances. From the eye of this Shower,  I can then be a rain drop to help shower another.

Surrender to this Shower, then be a rain drop for your neighbor, so she or he may learn the marvel of such a Shower of Love of Acceptance.

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