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Making Mistakes

Making mistakes in the decisions we make is a part of living and our evolution of Being. What matters more is that we make them from a genuine place, while seeking Divine Wisdom, rather from a selfish or merely an emotional space. Genuine mistakes are less tainted with pride and egoic energy. These energies make it more difficult to admit we are or were wrong. Therefore, we continue on a self-destructive path to prove the mistakes we made were right or we seek ways to blame someone for influencing us to make such an error in judgment. Our attention should not be taken away from the fact that we serve a God who truly loves us and will never ask us to betray ourselves in the process of making a decision.

Be mindful, while making some decisions, we must be aware of how it impacts others, however, some decisions are only about us. Those decisions can be much more difficult if we’ve been condition to believe doing so is selfish, rather than self-true.


So, when faced with a tough decision, do not give in to fear, nor be in despair. In this moment, be still and you’ll know. Breathe and be. The space you are in this very moment is the closest you’ve ever been to being who you are. The moment of Now, will always be the closest you will ever be to eternity. Every decision is an opportunity to honor  you. Choose wisely, choose freely in the liberty of  your Majesty, the who transforms mistakes, pain and misery into fertilizers the nurture our Being. Within  this Great Essence, you matter, not your mistakes. Be.

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