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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

It’s About the Journey

Living our preferred lives is not mainly about the outcome of achieving our goals, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Focusing so much on the outcome distracts us from the present moment, where our power and blessings are. The outcome then becomes a measure of our worth, rather than an expression of it. Our goals are there to reflect we are more than all our accomplishments, they are not to define us. Accomplishments are meant to show us glimpses of what we can do, when we believe in ourselves and trust the Divine Essence, who guides us into the revelation of our greatness in Him.

Living is about the journey of freeing ourselves from the spirit-confining chains of doubt and fear which have plagued so many of us. It is the journey that holds the memory of the blood, sweat and tears we offered up. It is within this space of being we discover the depth of the Divine and the Wonder of His Love for us. It is on the journey we transform pain into purpose and encounter the brilliance and power of who we are. The journey is about exploration and discovery of the eternal. the journey is the destination, the journey is being where you are in this moment. So live in the moment, walk in the authority of the Warrior you are. Fear and doubt will then humble themselves to the God in you. Fear and self-doubt are awaiting you to be present, to come away from living in the past, to wake up from the world of illusions in order to show you the way into your greatness.  Our imperfections are only avenues through which our brilliance has an opportunity to let God shine. Live intentionally, live free, be you. Let’s do this!

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