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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up trying to change, trying to get the monkey off your back, finally breaking that cycle, ending that unhealthy relationship or self-destructive conditioned thinking or victimized mentality. Keep pushing in the direction away from this seductive trigger, luring you into its trap.

Be open to external support and accountability since you do not have the discipline you need to end or shift your relationship with this person, place, behavior or thinking.  Don’t be stubborn or prideful. Stop thinking you don’t need other people in your business, that’s why you have a support system–use it, before you lose it, mentally.

Don’t wait for an inspired moment or good feeling to hit you. You know what you have to do. Just make one step towards that direction. This is not the time to be worrying about other people’s feelings or wondering if you are being selfish. This is a self-true moment. Make that step, then another. That persistent and consistent one step w/o the good feeling or or guilt because you’re worrying about how someone will be disappointed, hurt by or feel about will build the momentum that will one day end this habit, behavior or relationship once and for all and save you from the hell you are living it or about to, if you don’t stop, if you don’t give up. You can shift strategies, but don’t give up. Don’t play games with this. Let’s make it happen.

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