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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Choose to make today a miraculous one

Greetings beautiful family, wherever you are. Today can be just another day or a terrible day, or a special one. The power is with you to choose. To make today a special day, a miraculous one, there are certain conditions. You must choose to take into consideration where you are, not where someone else is or where you where you wish you were. You must use what you have, not what you wish you had.

During times of hardship, it can bring out the best and worst in us. Choose your best, even when others are presenting their worse. Someone bringing their worse does not remove you from your responsibility to be your best self. That is the victim mindset of irresponsibility. You are a creator, choose authentic living over pretense.

It takes a faith of courage, humility, vulnerability, gratitude, hope and a will of sticktoitiveness, to persevere during hardships. Theses seeds are all plated in the DNA of your spirit. When you don’t nurture those seeds, by default it means you are nurturing a mindset of insecurity which will produce fruits of anxiety, fear, arrogance, pride, insensitivity, being easily angered, self-blame, isolation, nuff complaining and indifference.

Stop and check yourself. Ask yourself, “What are the seeds am I nurturing?” “What kind of energy am I contributing into this space?” We must water the seeds of love and truth, that will produce fruits of life, wisdom, encouragement, support, and ease of despair in the space around us. Choose to be an example of light in darkness. This moment, right here, this place of destruction, suffering, pain and anguish is the perfect moment for miracles. These miracles begin with personal convictions and transformation to choose to be a force of good, first for yourself and then others. This energy can bless those in need and eradicate the toxic energy of negativity in the air. Let us all, no matter if we are in the Caribbean Isles, in the US or across the world, join as one and activate the power of the oneness of Divine Flow and love to reign. Let us show the true character of who we are as a people. You can play a significant role–right where you are. Choose to be true to you, your people and your islands. 

Some simple ways we can help: 1. Empathy: I’m here, even if I don’t have the answer 2. Just being present, listening, not rushing away 3. Easing the pain by doing some manual task (helping to clean up a person’s yard, going to the store for them, checking on loved ones) 4. Becoming vulnerable and sharing a painful experience (doing this for the person, not making it about you), or 5. Take someone out for a walk, tell jokes, give them a genuine hug.

So, I welcome you in this very moment, right where you are, choose to live from the might of your greatness and not join the party of the Mighty Complainers. Listen to the Voice of the Breath of God’s Love and calling for you in this moment. Simmer your heightened emotional energies, settle your rampant thoughts and humble your prideful attitudes. Be quiet and listen to the still small Voice within, rather than the howling and bickering noise from the outside. Be the eye within the Hurricanes Confusion and Despair. Be the miracle for your neighbor, be the light in the. Let us show the world, the wonder of these tropics is more than nature’s beauty, it is also the power and wonder of its people. Let’s bring it! People at home, We deh ya for all a yoh, for sure, mi’son! The Virgin Islands is home. The VI is where we from.

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