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A Man I Am

A man I am, rugged, tough, gentle and free. I am not the box in which society or culture seeks to place me. I am a bridge to support you on your way from yesterday to the future that is today.


I’m black and I’m proud, but don’t mistake me for a mere color, spiritually being is my honor. I roam freely where I am sent. While walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I grab hold of one I see slipping. Not worrying, cause our Shepherd’s keeping me from falling.


I don’t always say the right things, keep removing this foot from my mouth. I react sometimes when I should be still. But, I am learning to listen, she has something to say, and has saved me more times than I’m aware.


Don’t turn when we come face-to-face. Don’t be too scared to ask me questions, I’m not trying to hurt you. Don’t judge me either, for someone else’s do. When it comes to lives that matter, mine do too. A man I am, rugged, tough, gentle and free. Thanks  for the inspiration Mike Sterling G.

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