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Who is this Enemy?

The enemy is not race bound…nor gender or religious specific. It cares less about justice, but will use vengeance as its accomplice. The symptoms of this enemy are contagious and will infect any unguarded mind and heart to do its bidding. It cares nothing for humanity, but yet seems to have a personal vendetta against us. It divides us, because its power is amplified in our disunited front. It uses our diversity as a weapon of mass destruction. Its work of division is cunning, appealing to the insecurities of our minds through pride and a false sense of security and justice. It sneaks up on us through the subtle brainwashing indoctrination of being better than another, powerlessness, indifference and fear.

Then, without warning as our guards are down, when our unity is compromised and our resolve weak, like a lion


The cure is not one seen by many as powerful, some claim it to be weak. It too has many faces, each a representation of the whole. It never works against us. This antidote, the remedy to our ails is the organism of Unconditional Love of self and others. It is already in us, the substance from which we are created. It is activated through our hearts of humility, as we surrender and become vulnerable giving our beings as offerings to our Creator. This Spirit, within our unified movements will expose, confront and eradicate any form of this enemy’s energy from within and among us. Any remnants of its kind will be transformed into fertilizer to aid our growth in being the people we are. It shows up through forgiveness and self-compassion, through advocacy for humanity and an activism against systems of division, oppression and violence in our hearts, household and homeland. How will you choose to respond to this pandemic? Will you choose to activate this vaccine in order to better care for yourself, your spouse, you children, your parents, your community? Or will you choose to do nothing? We must act. We must make a move.

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