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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

The Boldness of Humility

Greetings to each one of you,

Today, I encourage you to walk in the boldness of humility in order to face the anxiety and fears that follow you. As we try to support others on their journey towards fulfillment, let us not be fooled to think we are immune to circumstances of life that can distract us from being our true selves and from our life’s purpose. We need not hide our insecurities from ourselves, they are not a symbol of our worth.

Humility opens us to the Truth that living this life is not about us. It reminds us there is a greater Force to which we are accountable. To deny this is to deny the key to activating the essence of our being. We do so when we believe we have to be strong for others at all cost. We do so when we allow our egos to be the guiding force of our living. We do so when we refuse to ask for or accept help from others. Yet, we want others to accept the help we give them.

In humility we accept ourselves where we are and learn to experience that we are more than the opinions of others. We learn we have always been great and no longer have to try to earn our worth as our ego seeks to do. In this place of awareness we no longer have to surrender our physical, mental and spiritual energies to toxic thoughts, people and activities that drain us. We no longer have to run from anxieties that take us further and further away from our calling and blessings.  It is in the boldness of humility we encounter the Magnificence of a Being uncreated, and from the depth of this Being, the greatness of our worth is. Therein lies our breakthrough.

So again I encourage you, walk in the boldness of your humility and face your fears with the greatness of who you are. I pray a steadfast courage in your hearts. Know that the work you do is essential, more importantly, you matter. From that place of worth, a smile from you to another can move mountains. Onward towards the mark and peace be your journey.

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