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  • Writer's pictureWarren Mitchell

Let’s Rise Up

It is time to rise from the ashes of our doubts, pain, unforgiveness, animosity, shame, selfishness, rage and all other negative toxins to our souls. Love is the only fire which can the heal the damage and purify effects of these self-destructive contagion from our souls.

For love to be activated from within, we must humble ourselves, acknowledge we don’t know it all and surrender our protective illusions we use as fortresses and possessions we cling to as our worth and become naked again. It is only then, we can truly accept the power of Love and allow its Life Partner of Truth to rise from the seed of the Word, which gave us life. It is from this Divine Love and Truth we receive our Worth, which cannot be damaged or destroyed.

Let us celebrate the Resurrection of Life, spoken from eternity, by how we choose to live within our experiences of happiness, despair, uncertainty, and aloneness. Let us not seek to end life but to generate it. When Nature is in its element, it does not afraid of changes, it embraces it. Even the tree rejoices in time of winter, not because it is looking forward to Spring, but it understands the value of this frigid moment and embraces it for without it, there is no Spring.

No matter your season today, celebrate the life within you. No matter how much you’ve been beat down, rise up–if even by just rejuvenating your hope again, it is enough. Your circumstances are not a reflection of your worth, only of the path you’ve come through. Your experiences are meant to serve you and not you them.

Rise up! Stop allowing these toxins to your souls dictate who you are and how you live. Rise up and let your valleys pollinate with the wonder of your greatness. Rise up! You are no victim of circumstances. You are Warriors of the Divine. Seek refuge from people, places, symbols or beliefs that help you accept yourselves as you are and help instill hope in your soul and inspires you to get up and try again. Rise up and choose to be who you are.

We are here because our ancestors did not give up during their struggles. Let us feel the spirit of our Warrior Queen, Lady Maya burn within us, saying, “Still, I rise!” Don’t judge or criticize the ones in front or on the side of you who have fallen, stop and help them up. No matter how she looks, what his lifestyle is, if they want help, be the ray of sun that shine on them this day. This is not a race for the swiftest or strongest. It is for those who can take a licking and keep on loving and rising. Rise up, you Warriors of the deep, you Warriors of Divine Love. Rise up! 

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